Hints for Gambling Management:

Set a betting or playing limit - stick to your budget.

Set time limits and allow for breaks - make sure you have access to a clock or watch.

Be realistic, the venues have the rules in their favour. If you lose, expect it.

Be clear about your reasons for gambling - eg for fun, time out, interest, to escape from other problems, or to try and solve financial problems.

Be open about your gambling - tell people where you are, how long you will be, and/or what you are doing.

Learn about your chosen gambling activity - what are the odds of winning, or what return you can expect to get from your investment.

Hold on to your winnings, keep track of your losses, and avoid 'chasing' those losses.

Check your thoughts - be aware of any 'magical' thinking.

Be aware of times or situations that place you at high risk of problem gambling.

Alcohol will effect your judgement - think carefully about the consequences of using alcohol when your gambling.

Make gambling only one part of a range of activities for your interest or entertainment.

Talk with family, a friend or a counsellor if you need further assistance with problems you may be experiencing with your gambling.

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